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July TOTM Signup!

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Sign up here to be in the running for next months Featured Member vote!

ATTN: If you have your pictures loaded in a photobucket/myspace/whatever account, please supply one link to the pics rather than posting the pics here (remember to make the album public). Doing so will keep less confusion out of the voting poll. Attach the pics to the post if thats your last option.

- The first 10 members that reply to this post AND supply a working link to pictures of their truck will be in the running for next month. Truck must be in "one piece", under construction is ok but cannot be blown apart.
- You may nominate a member, but that member MUST post here with their pictures to secure their spot on the poll.
- As soon as there are 10 eligible members available, this thread will close, and the voting will begin. The end date for voting will be the last day of the month.
- You may not enter the contest if you have won in the past 12 months.
- You may not enter this months contest if you were one of the 10 people in last months poll! You can not consecutively enter the contest.
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I'll give it a shot! Now, my truck isn't much to look at. But let me give you a little background on it! It is a 1996 stock S-10 with the 2.2L motor and 5 speed transmission. I do have a Kenwood deck, aftermarket speakers and an Armor Lid tonneau cover on it. It has 239,000+ miles on it. I just drove it to Alaska from Oklahoma City over the past week!

I bought the truck for $1,200 in 2003. My dad, had recently bought himself a brand new 2003 S-10. He worked at GM and got a lot of discounts and just paid cash for his truck. He figured since he had never had a wreck in his life, he would drop his insurance to liability only. Big mistake. A few days later, a tornado came through and ravaged the parking lot at GM while he was at work. His new truck was destroyed. He got to keep it since he only had liability on it. He had it brought out to his barn and told me that if I could find an S-10 that needed a motor, to get it and I could have the one out of his truck. I searched and found my S-10. I didn't need the motor or transmission though. My dad eventually just sold that stuff. My motor and tranny are the originals.

I've driven this truck from OKC to Oregon and back, and to South Carolina and back. I have put the last 80,000 miles on it. A couple of years ago, I got orders to go to Alaska. I decided to leave my S-10 in Oklahoma to have something to drive when I went home. I was down in OKC recently and figured it would be fun to drive my truck back to Alaska instead of flying back. So, that's what I did. I just made it home a couple of nights ago.

Anyways, the truck isn't much to look at like the others in this thread, but it has been a real trooper! Best vehicle I've ever owned.
you must tell me more!!!
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