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have not been here in a long time, I was doing some research on LS swaps and figured why not post an up date. I hate then threads just disappear, when researching stuff.
rear axle moved back to stock location because it is easier to trim the front of the rear wheel well than the back... took a lot of trimming to clear with stock bumps, stuffs nice now though

I've had continuous issues with my rear Caddy calipers W/ internal parking brake. So sometime last year I put on some universal park brake cables from Lokar/currie ent. the throw on the stock cables was not enough and when flexing it would pull the e-brake on and kill pads. Here is a pic of the business end. I am not sure if I've said this in the thread before but I tried using a 4dr rear half park brake cable system, but the total length was not the issue it was always the amount of cable in the sheath causing the problem. FOR anyone thinking getting these calipers you Need the proper tool to adjust them when installing....

Another big change was my front drive shaft... spines on the axle side can almost double in length, balanced better than square tubing but it is not good for high speeds because of the weight though.

Rear axle was trussed and swapped the spartan for a Detroit because I sheared the cross pin...

Front and rear bumpers. massaged JK smittybilt bumpers, I was working at 4 wheel parts for the last 3 years so they were a cheep option.

BUMP STOPS, do it the first time, not pretty but they work....RCVs because I blew an axle and got a sweet deal on them. biggest pain to to put in a 6 bolt D44, I dont care what anyone says it sucks!

flat pitman arm from partsmike. I kept smashing the drop waggy one on stuff and ripping the box off. steering box now re tapped to 1/2 bolts and frame is sleeved with 1/4 tubing. sucked to get the stock sleeves out

if your wheelen with 35's you need a tanny cooler, i got one off a 01ish gm half ton and some fittings and hose from the local hydraulic shop.

intrepid fans! I broke my some fins off my stock one so I replaced it with an electric, got it from a salvage yard, I think it is a 98. I used a derale high amp controller wired in to the relays that came with the fans. this makes it two speed. please dont mind the rats nest of wires they are unused signal wires for switches in the cab. on thing to note, the controller is wired in to the unused ABS circuit, I was having issues with self reseting breaker they send with it when the engine was really hot...great time for it not to work, when I need it most

switches and sifters, this is why I have all the signal wires chilling in the engine bay. Auto meter digital tanny temp gauge zipped tied on there also(hard to see) ignorance was bliss is all I got to say about that! lol everyone should have one.

Remote mount solenoid box, if you got a junk winch it will save you some headache

Turfed the Air injection pump used the relay to run my lights on the front bumper

one last thing to add, rockers are almost worn out. they served me very well. not sure what I am going to do for my next tire. all I know is 37s that is why I am looking up info on engine swaps, my trans is not happy with me lol hard first to second and second to third flared the other day lol never did it again though. might as well swap everything if im going to tear it down.
281 - 282 of 282 Posts
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