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JCmopars Daily'd First Gen

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Figured I'd contain my whoring to one thread.
Tis my daily, so progress is slow. It's a 91, 2.5 4cyl, 5 speed. Had 102k miles on it when I bought it last summer for $1200, it's up to 111k now, still running great.
The day I bought it

First thing I did was rip off the purple tint and went 5% on the rear glass 20% on the sides. Bought clear H-4 headlights and bumper lights, and bought some 17" Soft 8s.
Here's how it sits now, rims are 17x8 245/40 front, 17x9 275/40 rear with 0 offset.

I've been debating on how low I wanna go, I did some measuring today and a 5/6 seems about right. I bought some 3" blocks this weekend to level it out some for now. But here's a quick chop I did for some motivation.
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How come I have never noticed your thread before? :p

I love your truck, sucks about the wreck but glad you, and your truck made it out mostly fine.
Good ol' Ohio, are your rears studded by chance? Studded snows and about 150lbs in the bed and you can go anywhere.
I drove through the storm with a 2wd car, fwd though.
They would look good with centers and lug nuts too, looks almost like a whitewall without them.
That's not that bad, easily fixable.
Needs all that salt rinsed off....
Sedan over a Coupe if you're looking for a Cavalier, better in an accident.
I'd love to find an 00-02 sedan with a good body that needs a drive train because the one in my old coupe is pretty sold, I think sedans are a little more comfortable too.
Wheres the love button? :haha:
It's called the clitoris.
Do what you need to do, you're lucky you have some good other wheel options for that too.
At least its a T5, so its pretty doable and upgradeable.
Get a bellhousing from a 93.
Its Poop, could be confused for chocolate, or a fudgecake.
Keep going with the S10, it has a lot of potential to be nice and not just a polished turd.
Hey, do you have a thread for the Bravada?
You need a cat around the S10.
But she took the time to hit you, so maybe she didn't really hate you.
How much poop have your mouse friends left behind?
All this, Grammar lesson.
Don't light it on fire, burning poop smells like shit.
1 - 20 of 657 Posts
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