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JCmopars Daily'd First Gen

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Figured I'd contain my whoring to one thread.
Tis my daily, so progress is slow. It's a 91, 2.5 4cyl, 5 speed. Had 102k miles on it when I bought it last summer for $1200, it's up to 111k now, still running great.
The day I bought it

First thing I did was rip off the purple tint and went 5% on the rear glass 20% on the sides. Bought clear H-4 headlights and bumper lights, and bought some 17" Soft 8s.
Here's how it sits now, rims are 17x8 245/40 front, 17x9 275/40 rear with 0 offset.

I've been debating on how low I wanna go, I did some measuring today and a 5/6 seems about right. I bought some 3" blocks this weekend to level it out some for now. But here's a quick chop I did for some motivation.
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Looks a lot better with 2 more inches out back.
Just slap some stockers with some all seasons on the back. If you don't already have them you can find them buttcheap all day long on Craigs.
Only thing I could find was a UFO car club in Ohio. It stands for united Ford owners though. lol
Sucks dude. Is the steering wheel still straight going down the road?
That frame could have had the Z83 option. Those trucks tend to sit lower in the back and have tired leafs.
When's your Bday Jake? I'm thinking I may want to donate something for the truck.
You're going to go outside and see deer licking it tomorrow. lol
You better keep the S10. Did the noise stop when you pressed the clutch in before it was completely effed in the A?
Yes^ anytime the my foot was off the clutch in any gear or neutral it would creak. It did that really since I bought it. But a few months ago while driving in some heavy rain it started to make a whining/grinding noise anytime the truck is running, almost like a PS pump whine. I figured it was related since the creaking sound stopped. I'm keeping the s10 tho, don't worry. Lol. Having the Bravada for the winter is my excuse to go retarded low now.
Throwout bearing.
This is what I bought. Zero miles on them...

It's a world class so it would be an upgrade but I'm not sure if it would work in your truck. It would have to be converted from electronic to mechanical speedo. Killer deal though.
Different bolt pattern? On the bellhousing to motor or the trans to bellhousing?
Mouse trap in truck+peanut butter=no more mouse, real quick.
Old school spring trap with peanut butter? Did it look like the bait was touched at all?
That means they want to play with your ween when they do that. What you makin' your woman sit in the back for? lol
1 - 20 of 657 Posts
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