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JCmopars Daily'd First Gen

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Figured I'd contain my whoring to one thread.
Tis my daily, so progress is slow. It's a 91, 2.5 4cyl, 5 speed. Had 102k miles on it when I bought it last summer for $1200, it's up to 111k now, still running great.
The day I bought it

First thing I did was rip off the purple tint and went 5% on the rear glass 20% on the sides. Bought clear H-4 headlights and bumper lights, and bought some 17" Soft 8s.
Here's how it sits now, rims are 17x8 245/40 front, 17x9 275/40 rear with 0 offset.

I've been debating on how low I wanna go, I did some measuring today and a 5/6 seems about right. I bought some 3" blocks this weekend to level it out some for now. But here's a quick chop I did for some motivation.
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Really like those Soft 8's. 5/6 would look perfect
Really like those Soft 8's. 5/6 would look perfect
Yea I measured today, 5/6 will leave me with about 3.5" of ground clearance at the skid plate and about 2" of clearance between my axle and frame. Only thing I'm concerned about is collecting roadkill. Lol.
I gave that bitch 2 more inches in the rear

Bitches love 2 more inches in the rear.

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Looks like a good start...Love the photochop pic
looks real good lowered. your truck + more gravity= goooooooooood
Thanks doods. Yeah, it still sits too high for my liking. :haha:
I went down to the lake and took some pics, prolly woulda came out better if I would have cleaned it up some more and if I had an actual camera.

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Looks a lot better with 2 more inches out back.
i agree about the stance needs to go down but it looks amazing loving the wheels!!!
truck looks bitchin' man!
looks sweet man!! the rims go great with it!!
Thanks guys! Yea I wanna go 5/5 or 5/6, but I have some stuff I gotta do first. It needs a new exhaust manifold so while I'm at it I'm gonna do a complete new exhaust dumped before the axle and replace all of the hangers (being held up with coat hangers ftl :(). I also need to replace all of the weatherstripping so I can start on the interior. I want to replace the rubber floor mat with carpet and I may switch to buckets and a console, I haven't decided yet. I'm plan on running some 6.5" components in the doors and 5.25"s in the cab corners, but I cant mount an amp behind the seat til I stop the water from leaking in through the back glass. So rubbers will be my next purchase most likely.
Well I gots some components. 6.5" alpine type-r.

Got em hooked up to the head unit for now until I get the amp and the 5.25"s for the rear.

Been playing with tweeter placement, I think they're gonna end up right about where they are in the pic. I need to finish modifying the door panels to fit the speakers, sound deaden the door and figure out something for a moisture barrier. I want some thick mil plastic but I dont want to buy a whole roll of it, so someone suggested I use small pond liner since I can get it in smaller quantities and its thick. I may go that route, unless yous gais has any other ideas???
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Just like everyone else, I'm in love with this truck! I'm thinking about a Red first gen like yours lol.

As for door liner...I'd say that pond lining would work...but I'm also a do it right the first time. I would see if any of the guys here have some...or if nothing else...go check out the junkyard, find the cleanest Dime there and steal the old one there. Or talk to the parts store guys. I don't know how much plastic they sell in a roll. I know I have a roll lying around my parents house but we use it for a lot of things, so I just scrounge as needed. I'll see how much is there and if you give me some measurements, I can probably ship you some.

Where are you getting the rubber from? I went with LMC trucks for the new drip rail rubber on mine, it is GREAT stuff. But they are a tad spendy.

Now hurry up and do the drop!
Thanks man! My moisture barriers were in good shape but first gen moisture barriers are just like a wax paper. I want to run a bead of butyl around the door and use plastic just to seal it up better. And yea, LMC is where I'll probably get the rubbers. Its like $100 for both doors and the rear window.

Shitty picless update, Wednesday on my way to work I somehow bent an exhaust valve and its stuck open. So now I get to pull the head and see what the hell happened. If nothing is catastrophically wrong, I'll send the head out for a valve job, and order a new exhaust manifold (been cracked for a while) and whatever parts I need to get it running again. If its worse than I expect, then IDK what i'll do.
oh oh oh I know....V8 THE BASTARD!!
Haha. While I'd love to swap it, if I have to put a new motor in it'll be another Duke. V8 isn't financially possible right now.
Haha. While I'd love to swap it, if I have to put a new motor in it'll be another Duke. V8 isn't financially possible right now.
Lol It'd be fun! But I don't blame you

Everything seems alright, just a bent valve. Gonna drop the head off at the machine shop next week for a full valve job, new guides, seats, and whatever else they find wrong. I'm also getting all new lifters, and a new exhaust manifold (may weld this one up for the time being.) And I'll probably go ahead and change the coil since its alot easier to get at without the intake in the way.

Also, last week I started on my door panels, sorta. Cut off the storage pockets and made a template. Just need to transfer it to wood, wrap it and attach it to the door panel.

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Sharp truck. Reminds me of a baby 454SS in the pics by the trailer. Good stuff, man.
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