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I've searched and can't find a HEADLINER for my 94 2 wd Blazer

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Can any one help?

Does any vendor still make them? The post I found was from 2007 and they no longer make them.

Or will I need to take it to a custom upholstry shop and have one made and installed?

I have a feeling it will soon be sitting on my head.......

Thanks for any and all help that leads me to one.
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Well, total cost will be close to $500 with $100 Shipping and oversize charge and taxes etc. I'll use this as a last resort.

I appreciate at least there's something available.
I will seriously consider your idea. My wife loves to go to Joann Fabrics. I will need to measure the roof and see what Joann would charge and decide if it's a better value than just buying on EBay. Thanks for the extra tips of clothes pins and so forth. I've really never messed with any interior projects. Maybe this one will take me to a new level and I can get a bonus from the wife since she's a Girl Scout Leader and Joanns supports the Girl Scouts.

Thanks again.......(y);)
crazy-ate also sent me this link and I priced it out to be between $450-$500 when it's all said and done. It's a choice but I need to see what the costs may be with buying the fabic and trying it myself. I was pretty good with glue in my grade school class........65 years ago. Does glue still taste the same???? They said it "might" cause dain bramage in children.
My wife was able to find what I need at a fabric shop and so the easy part is done. Now for the hard part, installing.

I hope SHE does a good job...............😁😆😅😂🤣
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Did you get the headliner installed?
I joined yesterday and have lots of stuff left over from my build, including a nice grey 2dr headliner..
I have the fabric, and I went into the Blazer to eyeball all that needs to be removed to bring the
headliner down. I've done this 3 times now..........I keep falling to sleep in the back, I must have
made it too comfy back there with pillows and blanket and small cooler.

Actually I'm waiting for warmer weather since my garage is not heated. I only want to do this
once and do it at the right temperature......

I'll post when I get it done....and with pics, if it turns out well. If no pics, don't ask.

Welcome to the Forum..........
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