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Forum is dead so heres a new post the evolution of my first gen and its now running again finally after 3\5 months of hell figuring out what the fug was the problem
Parts replaced:
Starter : High Torque Mini Starter
Cap & Rotor : Accel
Plugs : AC Rapidfires
Plug Wires : OEM
Altenator : OEM
Belt : Gatorback
Battery : Interstate Battery
Battery Wires : Remote Battery Mount
Ignition Module : Accel

Still have to install but will wait
Coil : MSD Blaster 2

Soon to come
Accel 8MM Wires
Holley TBI

and the Pic of how it was when i got it

Pic after i got it cleaned up a ton

And the latest Pix (it is on the grouund now)

The battery Box

The Starter

It feels sooo good to have it running again.

And by the way th eproblem that kept me from getting it running a while back was the battery had a dead cell. It would hold a charge but didnt give enough spark to get it started Which was why it was so damn confusing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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