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99S10Truckin said:
is there anyway to turn a 2wd into a 4x4?
yea, but after buying all the parts you could have traded your truck and bought a truck with 4wd on it

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And I once asked, is there a way to turn a 4wd into a 2wd? If you get some solid info i'd be willing to trade you part for part. But isn't there something involving cutting off the front of the frame?

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i did, its a major pain in the ass, didnt use a single 4wd s-10 part, except the tranny.

here's the basic rundown of how i did it, there are a million way and mine was probably towards the easier side:

-unbolt every front suspension pice
-torch off lower control arm mounts, half of coil buckets, and that little skid plate for the stock steering
-plate over large hole in frame where the coil buckets were
-fabricate leaf spring cross member and weld to front of frame
-fabricate shackle hangers and weld to frame
-bolt on leaf springs
-bolt on axle (see axle footnote)
-bolt on Cherokee pitman arm
-fabricate drag link
-assemble custom brake lines (mine are custom, but there may be a factory app for them)
-install transfer case (another footnote)
-order custom front and rear drivelines

so that was the easy stuff...

AXLE - i used a Wagoneer Dana 44 the first time around, it is strong enough for me, and the right width, but low pinion, i couldnt get a driveshaft to fit, largely because i'm running a very short transfer case. so i narrowed a f150 high pinion D44 to the wagoneer width, and swapped that in. the easier way to do it would be a jeep cherokee high pinion dana 30, but my last truck was a cherokee and got sick of changing broken front axleshafts. no matter which axle you choose you will need to fabricate new mounts on it.

TRANSFER CASE- i'm running a flipped twin sticked dana 300 went like this:
-pull t5 from my 95 s10
-pull t5 from a donor 4x4 83 s10 blazer
-dissasemble both trannys
-assemble front half of 95 tranny with rear half of 83 tranny
-have shop at school CNC an adapter to go from the 5 bolt patern on the t5 to the 6 bolt tranny on the D300
-fabricate new shift mechinism for D300 because it is now upside down
-install 27 spline input shaft in D300, and the LoMax 4:1 kit just for fun
-bolt it all up

running the NP207 out of the 83 would have been much easier, but not nearly as strong and i couldnt get a 4:1 kit for it

if this doesnt sound like fun, or you werent expecting this much work, sell your truck and buy a 4x4

sorry for the huge pic, but i'm stuck at the g/f's house, and this is the best on on her computer


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great info for suspenion how to, if have any more information, process, pics more easier for other members, send em to suspension FD/Mods
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