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Is it true that Chevys like being beat on?

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Ive heard this from multiple different people that “abusing” their chevy truck makes it run better. And I’ve noticed it to be true. When I drive gentle, it makes noises etc. when i thrash on the thing it doesnt give me no lip and just runs like a beast. Discuss.
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Define "Beat On", "Thrash", Or "Abuse".
In My Personal experience "Stock" Vehicles that are "Abused" and Beat usually don't last as long as vehicles that are modified for the intended Abuse.
My 74 Nova did not Like getting Beat on when i was 16-17. It told me so... Broken U-Joints, Broken Engine Mounts, Bent fan Blades from the 3700 RPM Launch After the Broken Engine Mount,
Front Wheel Bearings "Welded" to the right front Spindle after doing 120mph racing an 83 Mazda RX7 that totally kicked my ***! I even Broke the Shock Mount on the rear axle tube after I put "Air-Shocks" and lifting shackles in and did a Burnout with Studded Snow Tires.. I was not Kind to that car, , Wish I still had it though.
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