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Maybe one of you guys have done this. I thought I had it all figured out, but apparently I don't. I am not running a headunit due to space limitations. It's a fully custom truck so everything is crammed in tight. I did manage to fit a mini Rockford Fosgate 300w 2-channel amp (PBR300x2) behind the dash with everything else. I then purchased an iSimple IS3301 system that has RCA outputs and charges your device via a USB port. I assumed you could simply plug the RCA's into the amp and connect my iphone 5 to the USB port and I would have sound and charging through one cord. Well, that didn't work. I'm assuming the problem is no headunit. I did get sound through the headphone jack with a 3.5mm to RCA cord directly to the amp with success. But I want to use the docking port for sound and charging all off one cord. Is there anyone who has done this before and can let me know what I need to get?


The iSimple 3301:

I will also add the iSimple did not work with an iPod or iPhone with a regular 30 pin connector.

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