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intake question

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hey, do all the cold air intakes have the heat shield with them? i didn't see them list it here on this el cheap-o


but i kinda figure that if most all the others have one, they probably would have them.... right??
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I don't think that I would just guess that it would have one. I would ask the seller if it has the heat shield. You dont want to just assume that it has one and buy it then it don't just my 2 cents.

true enough, and of course in the 85 billion posts that come up in search, that question didn't come up lol

i don't see it making that much of a difference in the thing honestly, but for a few bucks, putting in a shiny part atop the motor seemed like a nice little treat lol
Most the eBay intakes do not have head shields.

Some do. Usually cost 15 or more as far as the el cheapos.

I had one or two of those eBay intakes in my day.... Garbage.... Complete garbage....

K&N all the way. No rattles or vibrations, better quality, heat shield works and mounts perfectly as intended. Overall better quality... I or mine used on eBay or 100 plus shipping. Couldn't be happier.

Oh, and twerp in mind, the heat shields on the el cheapos are most likely plastic, and don't have rubber weather stripping on top and bottom, so won't block to much heat I don't think
it does not come with a heat shield, i bought the same one from the guy lol but my 2.2 were it goes it is right were the hole for the origional intake went right behind the big hole in the cor support
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