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I’ve had hell with a ‘92 2.5L S-10. Left it parked at the ranch for a couple years. Prior to that it has been my spare truck when the big diesel work trucks go down, hadn’t failed me in over 10 years, but alas, I ignored her for too long,... Started with fuel filter, (and fuel treatment before running through lines,.... moved on to
-freeze plug(s), because I blew a head gasket straightaway after starting her up and running a few miles while I did not know that my temp sensor was gone AND a freeze plug was rusting out, so then , -head gasket,
Also: map sensor, Distributor coil, plugs, cap, rotor, alternator, O2 sensor, coolant temp sensor,coolant temp switch, cleaned and flushed coolant system, changed oil twice to get and water contamination out post head gasket failure. AT PRESENT- before switching ECM, I’ve been advised to check injector again. Fella told me to look for 5-7 V on pigtail, I’m getting just under 12V. ??? Also, once I wiggles the injector out of the Throttle Body, it does not want to seat back down in its snug cradle. I loosened that diaphragm thing on passenger sidewalk of TB to insure that it wasn’t blocking the injector from seating completely, I’ve pushed on it while cranking down the retainer clip with the torx bolt ,... still does not seem to flush into its space. AND
I’m getting too much fuel. Running rich and can see carbon buildup in TB , dies and it idles down from any rpm.
—-from reading through what I can find here- maybe a short between injector harness and ECM- easy fix OR ECM rusty/corroded pins, OR bad ECM.
-can anyone direct me to visual aids (exploded diagrams) of my truck? ( Free, online)
-any suggestions/direction on my injector issue would be greatly appreciated.
OLDDEERSLAYER! You seem to know a ton! If you have a sec, this neophyte would love to hear some of your wisdom

Thanks All
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