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NOT2LOUD said:
What would be better for N2O. MSD-6AL or the Digitial MSD ignition??? And hows the new Mallory ignition compared to both of those?? thanx
Mallory is as good or better than Digital MSD and can be had for $210

The Mallory Hyfire® VI Multi-Strike DIGITAL CD Ignition Control is the next generation of digital technology, incorporated into a state-of-the-art street/strip ignition system. The RISC micro-controller provides ultra-high speed processing to provide maximum energy output, unparalleled efficiency and complete coil saturation, while simple touch pad controls with easy-to-read LED displays allow quick, user-friendly adjustments.
Features and Benefits include:
* Next generation digital circuitry with four times faster processing than all other units available
* High speed "single instruction per cycle" RISC processor
* IGBT coil driver and power MOSFET high frequency conversion technology
* State-of-art EMI/RFI suppression software
* Automatic start-retard
* Multi-Stage rev limiting
* Built-in RPM Window Switch
* Adjustable High Speed Retard
* Boost sensitive proportional ignition timing retard (with optional MAP sensor kit)
* 135mj of energy with up to 520 volts primary output
* Spark duration of 22.5° of crankshaft rotation
* Multi-Strike to 3,300 RPM
* Only 0.67 amps current draw per 1000 RPM
* Up to 12,800 RPM with 14.4 volts of input voltage
* Longer and more sustained burn time than competitive multiple-spark systems
* For street or competition
* Smog Legal
NOTE: For best results, use a Mallory Promaster® series ignition coil.
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