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A few weeks ago I had my left front wheel bearing go out, it started making alot of banging sounds and there was tons of play in it, so we found another one out laying in the garage that done great when we put it in. Well now its a few weeks later and coming back from my girlfriends house it started to make grinding noises and vibrate. Its like it has a rough spot in it and everytime it gets to that spot it grinds and vibrates. its binding up and will probably lock up soon if i dont do anything about it. My question is what to do about it, the truck isnt driven very many miles on road at all. I dont want to spend $70 on a new bearring just to have for a few hundred more miles until i cut the IFS off (but that few hundred miles will probably be stretched over a period of 4-6 months) and Ive checked junkyards and they want $100 for a used one when a new one is $70.... I was wondering if maybe I could take the bearing off the truck and let it sit in this big bucket of oil for like a day, if that might help it live longer? Or does anyone know where I can get a used one in good shape for cheap?

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