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I guess you mean rear axle right?
Fisrt jack the rear up, put it on jack stands and remove the tires and brake drums or calipers and discs.

Then remove the rear cover, you can carefully turn the differential untill you see a small bolt with a 5/16 hex head, this holds the cross pin in place. Remove this bolt and the cross pin, if the pin is stuck DO NOT drive it in more than 1/2". Tap it in a little and turn the diff 180 degrees so you can grab the pin with some pliers and pull it out. Sometimes they slide out easy, sometimes they get stuck.
Once the pin is out, push the axle flange in and turn it until you hear the c clip fall out, then pull the axle out.

To put it back together basically reverse the steps, push the axle in and install the c clip, then pull it out so the clip sets in the reccess in the side gear, when you do this on both sides put the cross pin back in and it's bolt. Don't use a gasket on the cover, clean it real good with a scraper, sandpaper and brake cleaner, apply some good silicone sealer and install it.
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