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I must have bumped my head or something. We got rid of our 04 explorer and used the money from the sale to get my wife a nice car that gets way better gas mileage because of a 44 mile one way commute. We picked out a 2000 Chrysler 300M with 64K miles and got it for $5000. I am very happy with that purchase. :cool: Land vehicle Vehicle Car Transport Parking

now I need something to pull a 21'SeaRay Seville.

We had $1200 left for me to find another truck. (my 17 year old son is getting his regular license and wants his S10 now.)

I found this 93 S10 on CL listed for $1000. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Pickup truck Motor vehicle

It has a 4.3 auto and extended cab. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Auto part

the body is pretty straight except the rear bumper is trashed. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Pickup truck Automotive exterior

the paint is crappy (looks like it was done with spray cans and lots of beer!):haha:.
The interior is nicer than the dime we have. It has working heat and A/C. tilt, cruise.
The window Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle door Sedan
tracks are screwed up ( as usual )
The tires don't match and one has a bad belt separation. The window tint is old, faded to purple, and blurry and blistered.
It was a daily driver and starts right up every time, and doesnt smoke. it doesn't leak oil, but the trans pan does leak. It shifts good.
It has 266000 miles. The seller told me the motor and tranny were both rebuilt at 190xxx miles.

here's the good part... $750 with a clear title. We drove it home.:cool:

Here's what I got for it so far...
dist. cap, rotor, plug wires, plugs, air filter, fuel filter, oil filter.

Going to Upull it today, maybe find some cool stuff for it!

Before it can pull my boat, I want to add the following to it:
class 3 or 4 receiver hitch
heavy duty transmission cooler
rear coil over shocks
new rear leaf springs
change dope in rear diff.
trans filter kit
ceramic brake pads w/ drilled and slotted rotors.
rebuild rear brakes

are there any rear discs available that will bolt on?
can i put a rear sway bar on this truck?
where can i find these parts if they are available? (not seeing them in Jegs or Autozone, or JcWhitney catalogs)
does a camaro rear end have sway bar and disc brakes, and would it fit?

Any other ideas for setting up a dime for weekly highway commuting (500 to 750 a week) and weekend boat pulling?

I figure for $750 I'll drive it till the motor pukes while I build a motor on a stand in the garage.

I don't know a damn thing about automatic trannys.....just know how to swap em out.

I'll treat it like we did with my son's dime and start throwing $20 to $50 per payday at it till it's nice...

more updates and pics to come as stuff gets done.

peace and big boobs to u
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go to the junkyard and find a 98+ blazer some came with 3:42 with limited slip and disc brakes with sway bars and they pretty much bolt on or you can ad $25 for a set of blocks with new u bolts

i'm still researching so i'm not %100 sure but you can also change the front spindles with that blazer and upgrade your front brakes to 2 piston calipers with hubs and then you can get front rotors that are drilled and slotted

also i see your in space coast territory there's a guy advertising on craigslist from Tampa that has 17 blazers(all second gen) he's junking says he'll ship and he needs to sell stuff

my humble thoughts

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I like this bumper from LMC as I launch my boat at night and have a separate switch for the lights. My boat is light so I can tow with this bumper also.

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found a cool little center console for $30 for my son's truck (the white one ) and found 5 or 6 blazers with the rear disc brakes and sway bar setup. would cost less than $300 for whole assembly. gotta save up for a few paydays for that one.

Sold :'(
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I'd do the '98+ Blazer DP brake swap before drilled/slotted stock replacements, as well as a '98+ Blazer rear axle. Grab the sway bar and end links when you get that rear axle. For even better handling, swap the skinny stock front sway bar for the thicker Blazer one.
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