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91 2.5 5 speed standard cab shortbed 2wd.

I hit a bump this morning and the truck shut off.
Played around along the side of the road and found my fuel pump was not coming on. Thing cranked like a beast radio heater etc worked but no fuel in the throttlebody.

After towing it back to the house I played around checking connections at the relay. And have nothing lighting up for 2 seconds. The 2 ecm fuses are good.

Walking to the passenger side I find this wire has broke.
Automotive fuel system Electrical wiring Auto part Motor vehicle Cable

Ok no big I just need to add a section of wire. But when I look inside it is hollow.
Finger Nail Gas Thumb Wood

Maybe it has pulled the wire down. No big I will just run a jumper wire and eliminate the bad section. But when I do that I get a large spark?

Not good somethings grounding.

Run my paw down the harness and find this;
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Carabiner Electrical wiring

Got that off the engine head and took a picture. Touched the bypass wire from the alt to the fused connection again and no sparks.

Yay I know why ut died and how to fix it I been up 23 hours time for a bit of sleep. Will lay down for a few hours and then fix things. I expect the truck should start right up once things are not grounding.

It is tight in this area back between the engine and firewall and I will need to carefully try to move the harness up so this does not happen again.

Just something you guys might want to keep an eye out for to avoid a tow bill.
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