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I bought another. 85' 4wd 2 Door

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1985 S10 Blazer Tahoe 4WD 2Dr

Super clean Washington Truck.

Found it 40 minutes away.

Paid $1300

Needs new lifters and top end gaskets. Tons of other little shit.

Carb'd 2.8 (New learning experience for me)

Front end is good, tires are new Bridgestone Dueler REVO2 ATs

What more can I ask for? (bunch of shitty pictures, sorry)

Oh, and 77k miles....(real!!!!)

Oh, and it likes me...because after being driven 40 miles it made it all the way home and did this in the driveway. (Just needed to cut back the line for now and reclamp it.)

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Not bad for $1300. I can't remember that last time i saw a 1st generation around here that wasn't all rusted out or in a junk yard.
That's nicer than all my trucks
Gold. I love that color
Thanks everyone!

More pictures.

A little photo op..

You can really see that the clear is gone in this picture.

The seats are VERY nice for being 30 years old...

The Bluapunkt has now seen 3 blazers. I wanted a stereo (It had none) and actually with the chrome its somewhat fitting. It looks to me that at one point this blazer was broken into and the stereo stolen after what all I had to fix...but its all good now.

Got the interior lights to work.....so the guy who had this before owned it for about 3 or 4 years and said he bought it with no lights....all that was wrong is that the rear cargo area light was switched to always on instead of with doors.

The carpet is overall ok..

This is a good sign. It's not an utter mess inside the valve covers atleast.

Got new lifters, upper gaskets, and some other goodies coming.
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The door and rear quarter don't look like they're in different colors. In the Craigslist ad it looked like they were two different colors. That's why I thought it had been in a wreck.
Nope, clear is gone.
Was it repainted from the doors forward at some point? I thought these were all single stage. The quarters just look oxidized.
Okay I found it, IN.

This thing is SWEET.

I say slam it, BBS Style 5s and smaller mirrors.
Its has the Tahoe package so it was probably 2 stage. Paint is org . Lol. There is still some clear at the bottom around the rear wheels.
My buddy's 86 silverado was that color. It's a beauitful color.
Being a 80 vehicle, the tag for the paint is under the hood, I bet it says Lacquer.

Sitting at my house I have an Audiovox SPSS tape deck head which is sadly missing a button on the tape controls but has a very stock look and is very period correct for this. I imagine that the missing button won't be too hard to find. I'll bring it tomorrow, its DIN 1.5 and is made to look stock in GM cars.
Thank you for giving that to me Stew! I will use it once I get a mount!!

And svmcgover this is a cruiser/restoration.

I plan to own it for a very long time and eventually 3.4 swap it.

I have always wanted one.....and this is almost a once in a lifetime chance for someone my age to have one this nice so I had to have it...lol. It will be garaged in the winter.
So here I am..cleaning it before even having it driveable...(or legal for that matter! lol.)

Starting going ham cleaning...

The interior is just amazing for being 30 years old!
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