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Well I did it!

I got my 4x4. Here's what I know about it so far.

84 S15 Ext cab 4x4.
350 small block with 15k on it.
Turbo 350 tranny.
Dual exhaust
New edelbrock carb
New starter
New alternator
New brakes and axle seals in the rear.
3" body lift
B&M shifter
Body is in good shape. Some minor spots.
Everything works on it.
Got her for $2700 CDN (About $1800usd?)

The engine runs strong and no smoke coming from the tailpipes. Guy tells me it was balanced and blueprinted. Don't know how much merit to put into that though. Runs smooth as silk though. The front end is good. Tires are so-so. I'll probably get a set of mud tires anyway.

Only problems it has are that the tranny leaks at the driveshaft. (slipped a little in reverse, but not in drive. Probably cause it was low on fluid.) No big deal I need an excuse to drop a 700r4 in it for fuel mileage anyway.

Needs a couple of steel wheels for now.(ones on it don't match)

I got to fix the actuator for the front diff. You can lock her in but you got to go under the hood to do so. Was thinking of running a cable to the cab and engaging it that way.

The interior is dirty as hell and in need of some extra attention.

And I need a hood. The one on it has a but ugly hood scoop. And there is a hole cut underneath it even though it is not functional.

It is a bit of a project but not too bad. I'll have to dig into her when I get her home tomorrow to find all the little hidden stuff but I think it will all work out fine.
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