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well if you need to remove your front door panel on your 98+ s10 or blazer
these are the steps you need to take...
first locate and remove the two 7mm bolts under the arm rest

next remove the one phillip head screw on the door handle trim

next step is to remove the trim from the door grab it by the front of it and unclip it

now do not remove this from the door panel...there is no need to remove it

if your truck has power windows lift up the front and unclip the switch panel

next unclip the plugs...if you have a hard time with these clips...just slide the switch panel thru the hole in the door...

now pull the door panel towards you...if you cant get your fingers behind the panel...use a panel popper and release the white clips on the panel

and that is how you remove the door panel...you can use this if you need to remove the panel to change the speakers...

if you have manual windows you will need to remove the clip behind the crank...i use a hook pick to remove the clip...just use caution that the clip does not fly out...or you can lose it...once i get pics of that i will post it up...

any questions...pm me

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