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OK....since no one had a clue at any auto parts store, the dealer wanted something like 40 bucks a side for the endlinks on our trucks and nobody showed a listing I got to it and using some time and effort found something that works out alright.

Oreilly part # k3124 - It uses MOOG blue bushing (polypropylyne?? they're really hard and damn near as good as polyurethane....about 6.00 for the ONE endlink) You need 1 of these. It is an endlink for some kind of car, I don't know but all we'll be using are the bushings.

Energy suspension part # 9.5158RC- 7/8" (22mm) greasable sway bar bushings (to mount to the rearend)

Unbolt your stock endlinks (its an 18mm) and pull the bottom bushing out....compare to the one from oreillys....not quite the same is it? Put that blue bushing in a vice and with a 1/4 drill bit drill the center.....I'm not kidding you! The bushing is hard enough to take it without weakening or cracking and it'll slide onto the stock end link this way. Do it to all 4. They are smaller in width but if you look at them, they're the same thickiness and have the same tops so they are ALMOST a direct fit, you just have to drill out the center for the larger endlink. Thats the only hard thing about this install is taking the time to do that, otherwise dissasemble everything and reassemble. My Energy suspension bushings have gold retainers with the greasable zirk fitting...you have to take a file to the holes to make the stock ubolt holes fit through.....all in all took me about a week to find the proper bushing for the endlink and about 40 minutes install including drilling....so...


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