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[How To] Install the Kaik billet defroster grille *make this a sticky*

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How to install the Kaik defroster vent ***** Please, make this a sticky*****

I am pasting this here from my "Interior Project Thread"


No matter what anyone says, you do not have to remove or tip the dash....all you need is a right angle attachment for your drill or ratcheting screwdriver.

I installed mine in less than 5 minutes and all I needed was two peices of masking tape and a drywall screw !

1. First remove the oem vent then set the billet grille in there and make a mental note on where the screws will go on the ends.
2. Now remove the billet grille and place some masking tape in the general area where the screws will go.
3. Now set the billet grille back in and wiggle a drywall screw around in the hole to make a mark on the masking tape....this is exactly where the screws will go.
4. Now remove the billet grille again and use a "SkewDriver" to screw the drywall screw in creating a hole and threads.
5. Now set the billet vent in for the final time and install the screws and trim washers that came with the billet grill....DONE !

Below is a SkewDriver.....you really need to get one, they have so many uses !

Milwaukee tools also makes a couple versions as well.

Click on pics for links !

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Do these guys not have a website? I guess I can just call 'em and go over there they aren't far from me...
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