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This is a "how to" describing how to install performance pulleys on a 2.2L. The truck i did this on is a 1995 2wd s-10 that has already done the efan mod and intake.

3/8" drive rachet
3/8" drive breaker bar
15mm socket
18mm socket
T-50 torx socket
15/16" wrench
15/16" socket (1/2" drive)
1/2" drive breaker bar
large channel locks
PB blaster or Liquid Wrench(penetrating oil)
any cheater pipe you may need

about 1-2 hours


First get all your tools ready

second get your engine compartment looking somehting like this. just so you have ample space to get to all bolts safely and easily

I started with the crank pulley first so to keep the pulley from turning when your trying to loosen the bolts jam a rag between the belt and a pulley somewhat as shown

then take your 3/8 breaker bar and the 15mm socket and loosen do not remove them all the way yet the 3 bolts that surround the main middle bolt. then use the 18mm socket and loosen the middle bolt, again only loosen it do not remove it.

now its time to remove the belt. take your 3/8 drive breaker bar and insert it into the square hole on the tentioner as shown

pull towards the left (towards the passenger side wheel) and pull the belt off froma round the idler pulley where the fan would be. keep holding the tentioner back and get the belt out from around the crank pulley.

then take the crank bolts all the way out and the pulley should just pull off with little or no force. compare it to the new pulley which should be smaller

make sure all the holes line up.

now instalation is same as removal. put the bolts back in and snug up the 3 outside bolts first before the main center one.

the crank pulley is now installed!

next we will do the alternater pulley

take the old belt and wrap it around the alternater pulley as shown. take the channel locks and position them around the pulleyand belt as shown. then take the 1/2 drive breaker bar with the 15/16" socket on it and put it over the nut. hold the channel locks tightly and pull the breaker bar towards you. its on there pretty tight. it may help to apply some penetrating oil and wating 10 minutes or so.

what happened with me is since the pulley shaft is slightly tapered, the pulley started spinning on the shaft once i felt a slight pop noise. once this happens or if the shaft starts spinning while your trying to remove the nut, take off the channel locks and belt, and use the T50 torx socket along with your 3/8" drive ratchet and insert it in the end of the alternater shaft. use the 15/16" wrench to remove the nut.

the pulley should just slide right off after the nut is removed.

now instalation is same as removal.

(i did not have my alternater pulley at the time of me writing this):(

its time to put your belt on. refer to the previous pictures for the belt routing for non ac trucks. make sure the belt lines up with the grooves in all the pullies before releasing the tentioner otherwise the belt my slip off and cause damage to the belt, your truck, or to you.

once the belt is on jab a rag between a pulley and the belt so you can fully tighten the crank bolts. DO NOT forget this step!!!

here is the info from the 2.2L performace parts information sticky regarding belt sizes.

ASP Power Crank Pulley www.aspracing.com www.truckperformance.com
Ac Delco
Without A/C #6K637
With A/C #6K744

(napa parts)
Without A/C #K060637
WithA/C #K060744

STS Performance www.stsperformance.com
With A/C AND Alternator Pulley Goodyear Gatorback Poly-V belt #'s are 4060715 6PK1815.
With A/C NO Alternator Pulley, get same number but ask for 1" shorter for proper length

i will try to update this once i get my alternater pulley and belt

Im not responisble for your screw ups! this is merily a guide that worked for me that i thought i would share my way of doing it.:cool:

if you have any questions refer to the 2.2L performance parts sticky or if your still lost please feel free to PM me:cool:

thanks to all who helped me!:cool:

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haha heres the thing: i only got one pulley today, the crank pulley and since i didnt want to go out and get a belt to test it and see if it accualy did anything im just gonna wait till i get the alternater pulley so i only have to get one belt.
but felling the weights the new one is quite lgihter as its all aluminum and about 2" smaller than the stock steel one. so i wouldnt doubt id notice a bit more tourqe=bit more get up and go/easier to do so= better mpg too along with better performance

but we shall see. i ordered the 2 pullies from that truckperformace site since they had the cheapest (2 pullies + buying a local belt is less than $100) but theyve pissed me off. i ordered both pullies on may 28th and then a day after i order them i check the status on thier site as says both have been backordered. so im like wtf! it said nohtign about them being outa stock when i ordered them! so i guess ill just wait it shouldnt be more thna a few weeks at most. well june goes by and then they say "this item has shipped from the manufacturer on or before 6/22/07" and then they just shipped it the 5th of july to me and i just now got one of em. the other still says the item has shipped from the maufacturer! that was 3 weeks ago! where the hell are they getting thier parts from that takes 2 damn weeks to ship!!! its just a small alternater pulley so its not like a huge toneau conver or somehting...

i dunno im just kinda pissed cuz its been almost a month and a half and only got half my order. it does fit and look nice tho. the quality is excelent(i think its an ASP pulley)

haha sorry for my rant but id be weary of that truckperformace website thats listed in the 2.2l performace sticky...

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Good job on write up!

Ill add something.

Using Air Impact does the faster job to remove Alternator/Crank pulley just like that, so if you have access, USE IT!

I will update info about www.truckperformance.com, once their part is backorder on website, you will not receive part or part will not be ready for at least 1 month, always has and always will

Comics22, your pulley are ASP Pulley, I have same, also faster rev along with little better mileage/power out of it

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lol still pisses me off tho... if i woulda known it was on back order i woulda have just spent the extra $20 and gotten the whole kit from somewhere else...

yea i woulda have used a impact gun if we had one. it does make the job easier but this way will work (obviously)

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Keep an eye in the junk yards... different applications have different pulleys on the alternators. I am using an alternator pulley from a 2.4L Sunfire Convertible with my crank pulley, and I have no charging issues... and they lot attendant just grouped it with a bunch of small parts he charged me $5 for.

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well smaller and lighter crank pulley allows some torque freed up. the bigger roating mass(stock pulley) robs the engine of some torque just to spin the pulley. (similar to when you have large heavy rims you accelerate alot slower than lets say you have stock or smaller rims.

so lighter roatting masses wont rob as much torque from the engien allowign a bit more to go to the wheels.

the reason behind the smaller alternator pulley is so you keep it spinning the same speed with the new smaller crank pulley. you have to try to keep the ratio between the pulleys sthe same(just a example: if you have a crank pulley one inch smaller than stock, you must also decrease the alternator pulley the same ammount so it spin the same rpm)

now some people are saying they dont have a problem with the stock pulley, if not then good for them, but with increased electrical loads(ie: trailier lights, quad beam headlight mod etc) theres gonan need an added current draw but the alternator might not be spinnign fast enough. at idle the rpm might be too low and if you stuck in traffic you could thoretically drain your battery if you wait long enough

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Proven by who? By what? When? Where. Without proof, there is no "proven".

I'm not a hundred percent sure here but why don't you try searching and I believe that someone on here did some of their own dyno testing on this. On top of that simple mechanics tells you that anything that lightens your rotating mass and reduces drag on the motor is going to give you more power and possible even a little more fuel economy.

With that being said the only real performance mod I have on my truck is the under drive pulleys right now and it did make a difference on it. Its nothing huge but enough you know something changed. The biggest thing that is evident is that when I put the defrost or A/C on it doesn't drag the motor down nearly as much. I can still tell when the compressor is on or off by the difference in power but the change from on to off is significantly less.
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