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[How-to] Install floor shifter and console from a SUV into your pickup

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Ive had this thing sitting around for quite some time, just never had the opportunity to put it in. Well the upcoming show motivated me, and since it seems to be a pretty popular mod lately, I thought it would be a good subject for a how-to...Here we go!

First thing you need is PARTS. Heres a list of parts I needed to setup the new shifter with my old tranny:

All these are for a 97 Jimmy.

- Floor shifter cable
- Tranny bracket
- Shift lever
- Small clip
- Large clip
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Of course you need the floorshifter and console as well..

- 97+ S-Series SUV console
- Floor shifter assembly
- Floor shifter mounting bracket
- Boot and handle
- Hardware
You can start the install on the inside or outside, it doesn't matter. However I started mine on the outside because it was already on the lift, and I wanted to know it could work before I went and installed the shifter.

First order of business is to disassemble the stock shifting assembly. The truck Im working on here is a 94, so it has this horrible mechanical linkage. All 95+ trucks should have a cable linkage, and will just pop right off the shifting lever on the tranny.
Once all that crap is gone, you need to install the shift lever on the tranny.

Right away I noticed a problem. The shift detent lever on my trans is too short to mount the arm facing in, so I have to mount it facing out, which puts it in the wrong position to reach all the lower gears. Im going to have to machine it.

NOTE: Check beforehand what your setup looks like. If you have a big black plastic switch on the side of the tranny, you should already have this lever installed.
I marked with black marker what needs to be machined out so I can position the lever further forward and get the full range of gears in the truck. Ill machine it out with a die grinder and carbide bit.
Reinstall the shift lever at its new position, and tighten the 15mm bolt down snug. You can see now that it sits forward a lot more.

At this point you can install the tranny bracket as well. It fits right into the corner bolts for thr trans pan, so simply remove the 13mm bolts, put the bracket up, then retighten them. Do not overtighten these bolts..the trans is aluminum and you will strip them out easily.
Now that the bracketry is set up, youll need to run the cable. The cable runs out from the inside, but before you pullup the carpet, youll need to knock the plate out of the floor board.

You can see the plate here on the left, right next to the exhaust pipe and between all those fuel lines. Its also almost directly across from the tailstock of the tranny, on the right.

To remove it, youll need to squeeze the tabs shut with a pair of pliers, then simply push the plate upwards with a large screwdriver. The top of it is sealed, so you might need to tap the screwdriver with a hammer to knock the plate loose.

If you have a 95+ truck, youll just need to remove the old cable from the hole at this point.
Now its time to move to the inside..Pull up the trim and carpet from the drivers side floor. Right before the seat youll see the hole so just run the new cable through there.
The rubber boot around the cable simply pushes down and locks into place.
Now youll nee to route the cable inside the bracket. Simply feed the cable through, and itll snap into place. Here is where youll use the large metal clip..push it up into the space and itll lock the cable in and prevent it from falling out.
Now snap the end of the cable onto the shift lever, and put the trans in Park (all the way forward)..

At the tranny bracket, the cable tension can be adjusted by moving it in and out. Once it seems snug and there isnt too much slack or tension on the cable, you push that yellow clip in and itll set the tension where you need it.
Now that everything on the tranny is ready to go, we can mount the shifter. And to mount the shifter, we have to get the mounting bracket where we need it. First thing you need to do is cut 2 holes in the carpet. Theres a hump in the floor, and you can see it sticking through the left hole. The bracket sits right after that hump, so cut the hole there and where the beck end of the braket winds up. Your holes may not look like mine, because I had a different center console in here at one time.
That stud in my floor is from my old console, So I thought Id get lucky and itll line right up with this new console. That wasnt the case, and I had to drill another hole in the bracket 1/2" forward to get the bracket to sit right after the hump in the floor.

At this point, you should be done, and bolt the bracket down somehow, using large stubby self tapping screws or have a friend help you install some bolts.
However I didnt like the position of the shifter. Even in the stock trucks, they sit kinda far away from the dash, and closer to the driver..Im kinda tall, so I didnt need it that close, so I decided to move the whole thing 1" forward. To do that I had to redrill the bracket again, this time 1/2" back from the original hole. I then cut the end of the braket right off, since it would interfere with the hump in the floor, and welded the whole thing down. I dont plan on taking this out any time soon and I lost the flange to bolt it down and welding just seemed easier.
Now that the bracket is taken care of, we can install the shifter. First however, well need to disable the lockout function of it. If you are lucky enough to have the wiring harness and stuff for the shifter, than wire the lockout thing into an ignition source. Otherwise we need to rig it.
A zip-tie makes quick work of it...
The shifter bolts down to the bracket via three 13mm nuts.
Youll need to cut another hole in your carpet near the dash to bring the cable up to the shifter. I had a hole there from the other console so thats what I used.

The cable housing snaps right onto the front of the shifter bracket, and the cable end snaps right onto the shifter.

Here is where you use the small metal clip to keep the cable from slipping out.
Now that the shifter is bolted down, its time to secure the console. Place the unit over the shifter, and start bolting it down through the cup holders via two 13mm bolts.
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