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How to install aftermarket steering wheel

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-:DISCLAIMER:- Removing your factory equipped airbag is illegal in most states. It may also be illegal to sell your vehicle if the airbag has been removed. Removing the airbag fuse may also disable the passenger side airbag, and if you are in an accident, your passenger may be able to sue you for damages.

The physical act of removing your airbag is dangerous and should be done with severe caution to avoid injury. Even a static charge can set the airbag off, so make sure to be gentle. Once the battery is disconnected, touch the positive and negative cable together for 3 seconds to discharge any capacitors and electrical curcuits in the vehicle. (No it wont electricute you or explode, youre not touching the battery terminals together, just the cables, and theres no voltage on the vehicle side.) - AV

This is for 98-up style s-series trucks. First I unplugged the battery and let it sit for about 20 minutes to let all the power drain from the system (see pic). Don't want that bag blowing in your face now do you? then I unplugged the cpa connector at the base of the column for yet more security of not getting a bloody nose (see pic). You will have to pull that cover off at the bottom of the column on the driver side (see pic). look up under it and you will see the connector it will have a orange cliip thing on it. pull the orange clip and then unplug the connector. Its a pain in the ass to get to. I used a pair of needle nose plyers and wedged my hand up in there to unplug it. When your done that u can take the steering wheel off. First of all make sure you have a steering wheel puller handy. they are about $15 from autozone. Now on the back of the steering wheel if you look you will see to square cutouts with screws and next to the screws in the same cutout you can see into the back of the steering wheel. A flash light is very helpful. Inside the back you will see a shiny metal wire on each side of the wheel. Put a screw driver in and pry the wire towards the inside of the steering wheel. The bag on the side will jump out a little so don't be scurred. Repeat to the cutout on the other side of the steering wheel. After that the bag will pop all the way out. Now pull the yellow cord out of the back of the bag so you can take the bag all the way off and set it aside. At this point you need to take out the plunger for the horn. The plunger is at the top left of the steering wheel with two wires comeing form it that goto each side of the wheel, mine were reddish colored. You may need plyers to pull it out. Now that you have yanked that out get your steering puller out and follow the directions on the box of the puller to get the wheel off. after that its just bolt the adapter on an and the wheel. Make sure you hook up the new horn plunger for the aftermarket wheel. In order to get the hub on I had to feed the plug that went to the bag through the hole in the adapter, I did this by pulling the connector apart (real easy) and I taped the two ends seperately so they don't touch. Oh and I almost forgot, pull the air bag fuse out for added precaution. When you start the vehicle after getting the battery all hooked up the air bag light will turn on. This doesn't mean anything so you can either pull the light in the dash or if your lazy leave it on like I do. I did not replace my air bag fuse cause I don't need it in there anyways.

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