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How To: Ignition Cylinder Lock Replacement

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Broken key in ignition? Broke to call locksmith? NO MORE! Heres a chance YOU do it yourself with Basic Tools and simple direction to follow along.

You'll need to drill CENTER of ignition WHERE your key goes in

Stop and check and make sure its at end point of your key then DO NOT GO FURTHER

Using a long awe and a big screwdriver look like this

You need to put awe in the hole, you will have to wiggle it in and make sure the locks are moved UP

NOW, you able turn the key WHICH will stop because awe is in the way, so you remove awe and turn the ignition at the same time as awe comes out

Now, you can start your truck and let it run to charge the battery BUT turn back lightly as the spring will pull it back to prevent OVERSTARTING

I REMOVED steering wheel for MORE picture access and better clarity so you can see better, HOWEVER if its hard to remove, you can follow this thread if you need to

You will need to remove bolts BUT not necesarry remove the entire trim USING 7mm socket

Trim bolt mounting are underneath the steering wheel column, you cannot see it but its there you will see 3 holes, 2 are the bolt mount, you can see it if looked carefully on daylight

Using 1/4" Rachet and 20T to remove them

Now you are able to remove the bottom steering wheel cover, the top one HAS 1 bolt LEFT, so look carefully and you will spot it, using 1/4 socket

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NOW you make it at this point, you can disconnect the negative cable

Now both wheelcover comes off easy, IF you have TILT, you can leave it on and put it aside, DO NOT REMOVE it

Now you have access to ignition lock

Look at ignition lock you will see a SMALL hole

You put same screwdriver in from the beginning

using Awe, you need to turn the screwdriver to START position and HOLD IT then INSERT AWE IN the hole

Now pushing awe in will leave the start position STAY start position

You push the awe as ignition lock slides out

Now using awe or hook to pull ignition lock and you will have to wiggle it out


USING NEW ignition lock(from dealership, $80-$120, OR you can buy used ignition lock wherever you can find, as LONG its similar to what you have and use THAT ignition key(make sure you have the orignal OEM GM KEY to make orignal duplication at the Chevy dealership, it cost me only $5 for per extra key made)

You insert where the broken ignition lock was

In all the way

NOW, try and start it

You can reverse procedure

Time takes without steering removal 15min-45min
WITH steering removal 45min-1 hr 15min
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