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If you have read my replies (how can you miss them? :D), you will see that I tend to write a novel on each one. You might wonder why I write so much. If I were to reply to your post with minimal effort and you were to mess up on your install because of that, you would probably become upset with me. With that in mind, I try to be as complete as possible when relaying information to you. Now I ask that you do the same for me and everyone else here at S10forum.com:

When you decide to post, you obviously need a question answered. I would assume you want it answered as quickly as possible. If your original post is missing information, then additional replies by you will be required until the person/people helping you can come up with a final answer.

When writing your post, please try to be as specific as possible, including:
  • Please list brand/model number whenever possible.
  • If you are asking about adding something to your system, please list your existing setup.
  • If you are asking for subwoofer suggestions, please answer EACH of the following questions:
  • Is your truck standard or extended cab?
  • What are the exact measurements of the area you plan to use for the enclosure?
  • The sub’s Thiele/Small Parameters
  • Would you prefer sealed, ported, or bandpass?
  • What is your budget (if applicable)?
  • What is the make/model number of the amplifier you have/plan to buy?
I will list other questions as I think of them… Thanks for your help!


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Thank you. Tempe and myself seem to be the main ones now offering help to you guys. It does benefit us ALOT to give as much info as possible. Otherwise, most of our replies are single sentences and say:

What subs?

What amp are you running?

What is your budget?


The more info you can give us, the easier and quicker we can offer an educated reply

Once again, thanks in advance from Tempe and myself.

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Everyone's probably getting tired of me posting on this, but no one is answering all my questions. After figuring out that I can use a plain wiring harness for my '03 xtreme with rds radio to put in a pioneer deh-p8200 without messing anything up my final question is...The only harness I could find was one of those t-harnesses everyone's talking about, it didn't have the ignition lead running through it but came with a seperate wire for it, but where's the best place to connect it? Thanks.
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