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So i want a 4" drop on the front of my truck but I called summit and they said that since I have a v8 it would drop more than 2" with a 2" coil spring and that a 1" coil would not drop it but 1.5" i already have 2" spindles and would like another 2" or 2.5" so which springs should i get? thanks.

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or a 2" drop 4cyl spring if you want it to ride REALLY soft

but since you said you already have drop spindles that you want to keep and add to the 4" total, I'd suggest a 1" drop V6 coil for that other 2" of drop.

But honestly....when my truck was static i always wanted to see how low I could go statically. I had a 6/8 drop and wanted more lol. If I were you I'd get the 3" drop 4cyl springs (which should drop about 5" with a V8...granted you may have to cut the humps off the lower control arms to get them to travel that far lol) and have a total drop of 7" up front. Then get either a set of 3" drop leaves or a set of the older (kinda rare) Belltech 4" drop leaves and then run either a 5" or 6" block thats made for lift kits (make sure you get pinion shims to correct the pinion angle with that much drop!). Then you'd just need a pair of bolt in notches and you'd be good to roll with a 7/9 static drop :tup:

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Well maybe I can give a perspective on it. I installed a set of
DJM 1" coils on my ride with a 4.3. DJM doesn't have a spring
for a 4 cyl or 6cyl. They sell a coil based on either a x-cab or
a standard cab, or whether the ride is a 2wd or 4x, I believe.

So after I installed the coils it took about 6 to 9 months for them
to fully settle and they went from 1" to 1.5/1.75". And thats with
a 6cyl. With the extra weight of the v-8, you could expect a set
of 2" coils to settle either at 2.5 or more likely 2.75 possibly even
closer to 3", but I doubt it. I also think the brand coil you get
is a important as well. Have you ck'ed out JTR's site for
what he has to offer in the way of coils, and if not any to offer
at least ask what they would recommend as far as coils ?

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