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How to: Brazilian Tail Lights

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Hey guys. I've recently acquired some Brazilian Tail Lights and after some research and talking I figured out how to wire them up in my truck. This has been done plenty of times, and there are a few good threads on here showing how to do this, but I haven't seen them done this way. By no means is this the "right" way, but this will work! Now, Im not sure how the lighting wiring is done on later model trucks, so this will pertain to my 94 specifically, however im sure there will be tons of info here to cross reference for later trucks.

Whats the big difference with these lights and why are they so popular? IMO, I just think they look cool, and they have a subtle difference over stock, and its one of those mods that only s10 guys will recognize. Basically the only difference is that they have separate turn signals, instead of using the brake/marker lights as the turn signal. It seems easy at first, "just split the brake and turn signal wires" well, thats not the case since the truck use the hazard/turn signal multiswitch to flash the signal to the tail lights, making your turn signal.

To start, and to get some motivation, here are the lights mocked up.

Warning! This does require some wiring. Soldering, heat shrinking, running a wire, and reading a diagram. Im still learning how to read these things, but working in the trade has helped quite a bit! Heres the diagram for the exterior lighting on my 94.

Basically what I did, was cut the lead coming from the third brake light relay under the hood before the hazard switch, and ran that to the back to new sockets for the brake lights. More on that later. First step was to varify which relay to mess with. Here is the relay section under the hood.

Unplug the relay and check to make sure you still have the third brake light, and NO rear brake lights. You should still have marker lights however.

Third brake light, no rear brakes lights with the relay disconnected

Marker lights still work

I removed the bracket for easier access

According to the diagram the BROWN/WHITE wire is the lead from the relay to the hazard switch, give that a snippy snip. Make sure to leave enough that you can reconnect later if you go back to stock lights.

Now plug the relay back in to check that you have no brakes. You should still have markers, and turn signals though.
Markers and turns work still

So now we need two extra brake light sockets. Make sure they are 3 wires, its important. I had a spare rear harness that came with my new bed, perfect for donor sockets since these things arent cheap.

So this might get a little confusing, so i'll try to explain it the best I can. Your stock brake/marker/turn signals will become solely your turn signals. These will go to the top hole on the light. We are adding two new sockets for the brake/marker lights. If you reference the diagram again, the light sockets have 3 wires.

LEFT SIDE: YEL = Power..........BRN = Marker..........BLK = Ground
RIGHT SIDE: GRN = Power..........BRN = Marker..........BLK = Ground

Youre going to cut the BRN wire on the existing socket, now your turn signal is complete.

Connect the BRN wire on the new socket, onto the harness side BRN wire, this gives your new socket the marker signal

Terminal B is the brown wire on both sides of the truck.

Splice the BLK wire in to the existing black wire for ground.

This is what you should have right now.

Now youre left with the YEL or GRN wire, this will connect to the power lead you run from the relay at the front. Youll have to modify the sockets a bit to fit

Mock up. Note the reverse light is un touched

Mocked up in the lights. Hazards, marker lights, reverse lights. No brake lights yet.

Now back to the front, take the BRN/WHT wire from the relay, and run a new wire allllllllllll the way to the back. I ran it over to the driver side, and tucked it into the harness loom going to the rear for the clean look.

Im adding a disconnect right near the factory connector for the rear harness, so i dont have to cut and resolder if I want to pull the bed off. This will be heat shrunk, but it can easily be cut and unplugged.

Now you have to run power wires from the tail lights. That YEL/GRN wire that isnt connected yet. I ran those down in the loom to here, to the quick connect.

All loomed and taped. There are small 194 side marker bulbs that are not used for the new lights, so I removed the bulbs and tucked the sockets inside. You can cut them off, but its not necessary.

Reinstall the relay bracket, and tie the wire up out of the way of the engine.

And youre done! Now you can play with your lights. Brakes




Marker is there, but hard to see in the daylight

Full range of the lights in video form
Make sure everything is taped, loomed and tied up out of the way of anything moving and most impoartantly enjoy your new brazil lights.

I will be doing a full LED conversion on this too, that will be posted in my truck thread. I hope this helps a few people, and thanks for reading!
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Bookmarked. Thanks for this, Connor.
Anything for you, Mo!
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