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Re:Better Method

IMO there is a better method to wire in this mod. I did this mod, and the main problem is the CD having to run all of the time when the Aux jack is live. My CD started having errors, and within a couple of months it would not even play a CD, so no aux jack. While searching for methods to fix the CD, I found many references to these CD players having issues. Think about it, we are using radios here that are 10 to 15 years old.

Here is the better solution...

Wire the Left, Right and Ground straight to the board.
#1 is Left Channel
#2 is Ground
#3 is Right Channel
There are solder pads right behind the connections on the board. If you do not want to solder, then just splice the wires in.

Now here is the trick...
Cut the seventh wire, and put a switch inline with it. You can run the switch out the back of the radio, or even wire it into the faceplate somewhere if so inclined. I ran mine out the back, and just dropped the switch into the ashtray.

Okay, with everything done and hooked up, here is how simple it works...
Make sure the switch you wired into the #7 wire is in the closed position.

Put a CD into the unit. Wait until the CD starts to play.

Now click the switch into the open position. The display will read error for a second, and then switch back to FM Radio.

Now just push the CD button again, and the CD amp will be live, but the CD WILL NOT be spinning.

Plug something in to your aux jack, and listen to your ipod, iphone, etc.

The Radio will stay in "aux-jack mode" even after the car is turned off, (unless the battery is unhooked for some reason). If you want to listen to a CD again, just put the switch on the #7 wire back into the closed position.

That's it! This mod works great. No wear and tear on the CD player, and no background noise from a CD.

Many thanks to AceTechOne at LStech1, for this great mod! :)


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Resurrecting this thread :)
I just did this mod myself on a 1996 delco model number: 16194975.
Cassette and FM radio.
My unit does not look anything like the other guides i have seen online, i the ribbons between fm board and amp board is non-detachable for instance. However; the ribbon that connects from the cassette player to the main amp board is.
I simply took it apart and looked at the cassette circuit board and found that the different wires are:
Red : "B+" (12v when stereo on)
Red/White : Sw2 (signal from cassette when tape is in player)
Brown : "-cn" (signal from fm)
Orange: sound left
White: sound right.

Ok, i soldered a 3 pin 3,5mm aux jack and connected it to ground and Orange and White (i kept the connector, just cut the wires from cassette unit)
Then here is the getcha: connect the red (B+) to a "on/on switch" and wire it to brown and red/white. (The switch should have 3 pins)
This will mimic the cassette in the unit and you can switch between radio and aux without the cassetteunit or any other hassles.
Hope this helps someone in the future :)
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