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Hey y'all,

I know this has been discussed before, but I've never seen an accurate answer. I am thinking about applying some dampner to my truck, but I don't want 3 layers of the best stuff...I'm on limited budget, and was going to go with 1 layer of stuff throughout the cab, maybe two on firewall and tranny hump, and some spray in limited spots under the cab.

I've got a 98 extended cab with 3rd door - how much dampner would I need for one layer on the floor, on the doorskins, the back wall, and the roof? For added pleasure, how much more for the inner doors (between the door and doorpanel)?

partsexpress (where I'm looking at the moment, will compare prices later) has a nifty little application guide that splits trucks up into small, large, and diesel. An S10 is small, but is an extended cab still considered small? They reccomend a total of 66.45 sq. ft for a small truck, and 121.8 Sq Ft. for a large. I'm thinking the extended cab will fall into the 80-90 sq. ft. range. Like I said, I'm on a budget and want to spend as little as possible on halfway-decent dampning - in other words, no peal-n-seal. so, can anyone offer a figure on just how much I'd need?

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