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How far gone is air conditioning after sitting for 10 years?

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Hey everyone! Question about the A/C in my 94 2.2L. I bought it from an older guy last year for 1k. He told me the A/C hadn't worked in roughly 8-10 years. I never bothered trying to fix it since I've had it, but I recently burned an exhaust valve and had to pull the head. I then realized my piston rings are cooked and now I'm pulling the engine. It seems like if I'm going to do all this work, now's the time to try and fix A/C. I was forced to disconnect the compressor and accumulator and get them out of the way to prepare for pulling the engine. I knew there was 0 refrigerant left btw, so nothing leaked that hasn't been gone for 5 years. I also stuck clean towels in the refrigerant lines/accumulator after I disconnected them.

The compressor is definitely bad, bearings are shot. I know I need that and an accumulator if I want to make the A/C work. But I'm curious, after sitting for this long (and after exposing it to the atmosphere during the engine swap) is the whole system probably going to be shot? Meaning, is it likely that I'll need a new condenser and evaporator as well? I can't decide if I should just bolt the dead compressor back on and forget about it, or if I should try and fix it. Thoughts? Thanks!
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If the compressor bearings are shot, it's likely the entire system is contaminated with metal filings. Something like that, it's probably best to replace everything, condenser, evaporator, accumulator. Best done by a professional. Sorry.
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