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1999 ZR2 Bald Eagle..Visually Impaired
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So as some of yall know, and im sure some don't, been working on getting a trans built that my Zr2 (99) couldn't eat. Started with a 4l79 and built around that, ANYHOW, gets built, ship truck out of town Jan 1st 2022
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

đź‘‹ BYE truck! ..(with the hopes throwing enough money at it will let me keep more than 2 gears at a time)
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

So I wait n wait, I get a text Jan 27th, "Come n get her!"
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Excellent!, shoot a few hours down the road, pick her up. Cruising around the beach and realize im going in the complete wrong direction so head home. Well it just so happens. My father decided to visit that weekend from MA. So he happened to be at my house. (Jan 30th, 2DAYS AFTER GETTING MY TRUCK BACK)...We decided to head to my sister's, do the nephew thing, go bowling or whatever. "Well I might have to break off, got things to do." I said. So alas Dad decides to follow as he "knows" raleigh, but not so much were my sister lives. No biggie. Cruising down the road(maybe a 6 mile trip door to door.)..headed on up a pretty decently busy road flowing with traffic, maybe 60ish.....Yellow light...decisions racing** to myself:"nope, youre the leader, your 80 year old father will get stuck at the red and this big intersection moves slower than a fart in vaccum." Hard on brakes....

Grille Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Grille Automotive lighting Hood Vehicle Automotive tire

Well that's how you shorten the wheelbase of a 2020 buick Enclave...Nailed my truck and attempted submarining underneath it apparently.. swallowed my rear strp pad and license plate..
somehow burped coolant up front, moved parking spots, leaked again but stopped..
Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread Hood

Wood Textile Gesture Grey Floor

Sitting about 5 inches higher on the right side
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Left side bumper came all the way under and also grabbed the rear 1/4..
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Right side is a bit worse for wear, mangled the body mount, ripped the frame rail, both side tweaking the spring packs, shackles mounts twizzler'd a bit, right side shackle being supported my the now reversed and upside down bumper..
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So I got to drive my truck a couple hundred miles home...yay...and maybe 10 in the city before my "NEVER BEEN IN AN AT FAULT ACCIDENT, NOT EVEN ON THE 1/4MILE FOR 30+YEARS' wasn't paying attention and possibly MDK'd my beloved White Trash...hes busy continuing his vacation in Florida, so I don't even know how,what,when,where,who the insurance adjuster is gonna be..whether or not to start a repair and just take more pics or what. Dilemma is , I got rear-ended in my last 99, and they totalled it because if frane damage, this girls got 200k on chassis, BUT 47k on motor, and 211miles? On trans? Very concerned atm...to say the least..oh, abd also while pushing dads car out if the road he managed to lock the doors. Car went freewheeling with him hanging on avoiding trees, a hill, multiple atm machines and "Re-crashed" over a curb into the grass...how,? Because it got moving so fast, I fell...he somehow clung on, THANKFULLY, we're fine! Dads fishing or ??? In Florida. I'm on bed rest with bottles of muscle relaxers and a wonderful/ understanding woman doing her best to help me figure this nonsense out!

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1999 ZR2 Bald Eagle..Visually Impaired
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How dad didn't get crushed on 1 of the ATMs or fall/get slung off and run over, well never know. Or HOW with one hand ,assuming,managed to get the thing turning right enough to not go off into the woods after I fell and ge was on his own???.
No idea, but whatever. Trucks and things can be replaced...
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