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hoosiers only thread

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this thread is for us Indiana people.
i know there is the KY/MI/IN/Oh thread for thats for somethig different.
this is for just us and only us
and it is a get way for me to show off my new avatar :D
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I have a roll pan on my truck now you can have if you come take it off. Im planning on a different one and dont need the one on my truck. It has a dent on the driver side, but its nothing that can't be pulled out real easy, I just never have since I plan to loose it.
How much? Give me a call 765-720-1421

There you go. More random parts!:D
LOL I know. My wife says I have issues.

Issues? That's a little harsh. nothing wrong with a hobby.
1..2.3 and to the 4 corey's kittie helen is scratchin at the door. trying to make an entrance until said to back on up she hissed at me and i put the smack on up.. beating that pussy like no other pimp does. she hisses again she wont hiss again she wont give him nightly kisses again i put the smack down i dont back the **** down

Somewhere, a Snoop Dog lights a blunt and shakes his head
get a 4barrel on that rustang

factory 2barrel is more rare an worth more. keeping it original
4 barrels make more power

Actually, in a 71 mustang, the 2 barrel makes the same horse with more torque. Kinda like the auto Chevelle was faster than the manuel. Makes no sense, I know. But factory, untuned, the 2 barrel gets em. I don't know why.

And why would you want to kill the kitty? Wouldn't you rather beat the kitty up?
That boy ain't right.
not any more. that cat left.
2 miles an hour, so everybody sees you
Whats wrong with pink? I happen to like pink.

Looks like a couple shades of nice pink there.
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Full size chevy trucks have not looked good since they changed mid-model, when was that, 99? The heavy-duty ones, when they still had the round front ends and the big bulge in the hood that made it look like an old '70 c10, where the shit. But its been down hill ever since then. Great trucks I am sure, just my opinion.
I didn't like them at all when they first came out, but they have been growing on me steadily the past couple years. I agree with Tom though, they look even better when you start modifying them.
What doesn't look better tweaked a little?
Anybody willing to rebuild my transmission for a 6-pack and maybe a sac?
You bring up my nut sac and then stick out your tongue? Thats kinda gay man.
I didn't expect anyone to go for it.
as long as you have the beer after the work, it should be right, right?
I may just wait till I HOPEFULLY get my blazer and just go junkyard hoping for some parts. Ill have a decent list for both of them.
Nah. It just makes room for another project!!!
ok. $50 bucks for decent paint then. Flat black so screw-ups wont show.
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