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Homemade suicide door how-to...

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Hey yall... thought i would post the how-to for suicide doors tha Phatfarmer2 wrote up on Blazin Low... all the pics are from his truck... havent gotten around to taking any of mine... but youll get the idea...

This can be an entirly bolt-on process as well... thats the way i did mine... although there will need to be some welding for the bodywork... but none is needed to perform this mod...

First off i bought a set of Jeep Wagoneer hinges. They are also on old jeep Cherokees(sp), also old 50's - 70's style trucks have similar style hinges. Expect to pay less then $20 for the pair. I got mine for $15 both sides. Now what year are they off of? who knows just make sure they look like this.


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Ok im doing the same thing on my truck, but heres my problem, ive cut the holes and installed the hinges, so now how do i keep the water out?
i havent got it out in the rain yet but its my daily driver , so im afraid the pockets will leak. i can almost garentee the pocket will take some water. oh and as for the time above. i spent 3 hrs on tues and today and i had them on the hinges opening backwards. All i have left to do is make the plates for support, and relocate the stricker. i also need of course to eliminate any water issues do to my system going in the back. I was thinking of making a box for the hinge, the way they used to make em on the early 50s f250s, what do u guys think?
for the record if your going to do this to a sec. gen consider this.. dont, the body line interferes alot, and expect to take your door off alot to make small adjustments. im not trying to say he has a bad idea or bad directions. Im just saying it will work on my sec gen, but it would be worth it to buy an actual kit. If i do get my door to work ill throw some pics on for sec gen mounting.
no the hinges are strong as hell, no doubt, but the way there designed you cant get them far enough to the outside edge, so the door dosent swing without hitting the body line. That and the sheer fact that everything flexes so damn much. But it will work but you have to cut out the part between the inner door skin and the outter door skin where the body line is and move it in a tid bit in order to clear. its a pain royale, its possible, but a pain. a first gen is easier due to the body style.
All that im saying is, where i placed the hinges, as far away from each other as possible, i have them also as fr out as possible, and now i have everything reenforced as much as possible, and the bl still hits the ****ing door, if u know how to fix it, please show me prove me wrong and save me some time, but right now i have no pass sd door on my truck because im dumbfounded on this bs sl shit.
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