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He whats up! I go by 1bads-10 on some forums and ssm chat but decided to change it up some. I ahve a 84 s-10 with a bunch of mods and it will soon be bagged and body dropped here is the list below.
droped 5-6for now

*%BoDy MoDs*%
93 sedan deville caddy lights frenched 2 inches in the rollpan
Frenched and angled liscense plate box mounted in the center of the skin
Fbi cali combo
Suicide tilt hood

Shaved front corners
Phantom grill
toyota bumper with valence and bumper welded together
shaved blinker lights
cut fenders

Shaved tailights
Shaved tailgate
Shaved tailgate handel
Shaved gas door
Shaved wiper cowl vents
Shaved squiter
Shaved body line
Shaved door locks
Shaved door handels
Shaved antanea
Shaved emblems and molding
Shaved cab seems
*%BoLt OnS*%

Sports mirrors


Rebuilt 2.8 thats all they suck


14 inch outlaw either 18 inch hellion or 17 inch quam vison

spray on bedliner
Painted 1972 fiat light green (whats left of it)
sony cd player
2 10 inch sony explod speakers
bucket seats
5 inch green tv
green n64
some tweed
some vinyal

*%Future plans*%
3.5 body drop Already started removing all the ac and heater stuff the inner fenders and started rolling the pinch welds
bags they are going to be done when the bodydrop is done

smooth bed floor and sides

suicide doors
smooth front fender into the cab Paint
Peral green with purple ghost flames

i know i am forgeting something but who knows
I can proudly say i did every thing myself.
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