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Hey, You! Introduce Yourself Here..

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check this out...we have our own section on the forum...discuss meets...talk about local shows...post up pics or your rides...sell shit...anything...


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psssh, i can do 1 better... my friend lives in society hill. no stop lights, no stores of any kind. post office is attached to the library and is the size of my bathroom.
haha...wallace's post office, right on #9, is tiny, if a semi ran off the road, he would probably level the building.

society hill has that furniture store on the outskirt of town, we've gone down there and bought recliners before..haha.
i think society hill does have a caution light, at that intersection where you turn to go to the dirtbike track..
buy his wheels..

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isn't dillon where the penetentary is? i see dillon i think that and that scary south of the border place.

there is a "town"(can't even call it that really) on hwy 9 going to spartanburg called kelly. there is a sign with kelly on it and then a store then the other kelly sign on the other side of the rd...you could literally throw a football all the way over kelly.
haha...i know what town you're talking about..that store is the kelly hot spot, or something, like that..:haha:
lifted definately suits it better.
east bound and down? or whatever..
hell yea....good to hear from ya gator.
yea.....f clubs.
what? its a jeep and a mazda, and he's from Charlotte'ish...
good to see the new owner on here....:tup:

felt weird seeing that avatar, with another screenname though.
a friend of mine, has a bagged ranger, lives up around greenville, i guess a half hour or so north of anderson?
yooo john, was nice meeting up with ya tonight...hope you found the radio shack ok, and in time..haha.
well this is a 9 month thread afterall...:rolleyes:

make up a new thread about something, contribute, don't just wait around for shit to happen.
glad you're getting along better back home...gotta post some pics!
welcome aboard ya'll, first time checking in on this thread in awhile.
1 - 15 of 208 Posts
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