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Hey Jake...

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I saw your buddy with the white/tribal S10 yesterday by the old Kmart. Very sweet looking truck in person. Though I do feel like a dick because my girlfriend said he waved at me, and I didn't wave back. If you see him, tell him I'm sorry I didn't acknowledge him...I just didn't think he'd know my truck yet, or maybe he didn't and he's just that polite...maybe I should just stop rammbling on.... LOL anyway, I didn't want to come off as a snob or something. later guys:rock:
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Ok, I will tell him. He is a nice guy and prolly didn't take it personal. His truck is awesome. You should have seen it before he started on it. It had so many dents in it and just looked like a piece of crap. He bought it for $700 and him and his dad did all the work at his dad's shop in their backyard.
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