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Finally after weeks of lurking I finally registered!! Anyway, just thought i would say hello to everyone. I also post on s-series.org, sportruck.com, et al. For pics of my s-10 got to http://www.geocities.com/wikedsensation/s10miscellanious2.html or check out my homepage.
Here is what I have done to my s-10 so far:

Bagged-Easy Street up front with Bell Tech drop spindles, and airride tech helper bags, 3 in. blocks, and 2 leaves pulled in the rear, Homemade Digital air ride guages, all 1/4" line (hey I'm poor and in college). It rolls on Corvette Rally wheels with 235/60/15's. My truck was a stripper when new so I have the factory roll pan. Engine mods include ram air, home made CAI, plugged EGR, IAT trick, and a blown head gasket.(I drive it everyday too, lol) Im still working on the interior, but so far I have an old pioneer Din and a half head unit, Alpine v-12 amp, 2 pioneer 10's, with pioneers in the dash and Sony Explodes in the doors(dont laugh, they sound better than nothing). I also have aHurst T-handle for the T-5, A Sunpro mini-tach on the steering column, and my flamed hot wheels floormats.

Thats all for now, look forward to helping all the s-series members out. l8r
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