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well im going to be ordering most of my parts here soon, i just wanted to see if this all looks okay, and then i have a few questions. this is for a 2000 s10, and here are the parts i already have...

8 3/8 smc's
1/2 air line
engine drive compressor

and parts i need to get..

hi temp line for compressor
intake filter for compressor
water filter
fittings (ill figure out what i need later)
8 port 12 gal tank
pressure switch
switch box
2 dual needle guages
air line for guages
suicide d weld on triangulated 4-link
suicide d front bag cups
suicide d step notch
suicide d behind axle bag brackets
suicide d shock relocator kit
shocks front and rear
2 224c bags
2 f9000 bags

how much difference is there with the easy street guages and the kp guages? where can you buy the kp's?
what does the upper bag mount look like for a behind axle mount with f9000's? i'll be making my bridge and rear mounts and shock mounts, but not sure how to do it yet.
anything else?

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yeah i like the digitals but i think id like to have the regular guages better, maybe if i had an all digital dash that would be cool to keep everything digital,
really tho im not to concerned about guages right now, id really like to know about the behind the axle mounting of the bags? i havent seen many pics of these setups? do you think jason would substitue in some different brackets in the s10 kit? casue i need everything in the kit except the above the axle bag mounts.
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