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I just bought a powerdyne unit for my 2002 xtreme 4.3. I talked to the guy from powerdyne and this is what he told me:

There may be one snag on your 4.3L vehicle. On some of the 2002
models, there is an air injection tube coming off of the passenger side
exhaust manifold. If this is there, then it will directly interfere with
the placement of the alternator when we relocate it. We do use your
stock air filter housing, so you will not be removing that. However,
there are other things, like the alternator, that will be relocated.
After the job is done, you should see about 70-75hp gains.

Do all the 2002 models have the air injection tube? If so, can I still mount the kit and just cut off the tubing or something? I have a set of JBA headers installed on my truck also, I think they are the ones that say something about w/air injection, will this affect them? Any help would be appreciated. Also, how do I know if my engine has this tube? I am new to this stuff, does anyone have a picture of what this tube looks like, or can describe it to me? Also, if you do have to block off this tube, doesn't it make your car completely Un Smoggable? Can you even pass smog with a supercharger bolted on?

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Powerdyne MAYBE RIGHT but mine does not have the air tube. I had to check it to I'm getting headers.

1-Leather seats and top door panels
2-GPS alarm
3-Billet Bowtie
4-255/45/18 Pirelli Zero's on HALO rims
5-Boston Acoustics speakers in doors/dash
6-Pioneer 6x9's in the back seat area
8-FlowMaster 40series with 2 1/4 pipe Magnaflow SS tip
9-2/3 DROP with Belltech Spindles and Blocks
10-Poweraid Spacer
11-Removed MAF Screen
12-JL amp and one 10” JL subwoofer
13-SS mirrors WHITE, matching handles
14-Shaved Emblems

And a list one mile long

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I had air injection on my 2000. Just checked and no K18 on the codes for my new S. Looked under the hood--no hoses. Sweet.

So I guess they are partially right. Some 2002s have it, but so did some 2000s. Unless they changed the manifolds between 2000-01 it wouldn't have fit on my 2000 like their website says it does. The website also says the kit for 2001-02 is coming soon. ..

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I just put a powerdyne on my 01 xtreme. I ran into the air injection problem. I disconnected the line from the manifold. I made a plate to block off the hole left in the manifold. I then took the curved metal tube off at the one way valve, and used a brass plug to block off the hole in the line. Then just route the line out of the way. So far, this hasn't given me any check engine lights. Did you buy the kit brand new from powerdyne?
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