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I am looking at buying billet inserts for my 99 sonoma grill and envoy bumper.
I was wondering if any of you that have billet grills on thier 98- and up noma's with a envoy bumper, which brand do you suggest to get? and where did you have the best experince ordering them from???

I defenitly want a flush mount billet grill, 15 bars or more, (polished) and I want the envoy billet inset to match the top look .

I know I either am going to get the T-rex (#16380P) or the Trenz(#21126P) I think those are the part #'s. and as for the envoy bmper the Trenz (#2190GP) or T-rex (16377P).

I have seen people mix match the t-rex billet insert for the grill and the trenz insert for the bumper, but i don't know if there mix matched or the same brand.

I was thinking buying them through JBM or Godfather's or SylinConcpts but Stylin is expensive.

Show some pics if you got em' Please.

I know there is some cutting envoled to get the grill flush, any tips on installation?

Sorry for all the questions, but I need help, not many people have been giving me the right answers, saying t-rex nor trenz even makes envoy grill inserts. That is B.S. I know they make em'.
Or some don't even know what brand they got. HELP!!!!

Any input is welcome

"K" aka "The Orange reflector hater":D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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