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help w/ orange lens ?? :)

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im lookin for a way to take out the orange lens on my turn signal, i jus tore apart my lights and couldnt find a way inside ... anyone know a way to get it out without breaking it and having to buy another one! hehe and this is for the sonoma.
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gotta pry the lens off the housing, just like i told ya in AIM...:rolleyes::bah: :idea: :bash: :bash: :drinkhaha :cool: :D
I have never personally done it, and never seen what the sonoma one looks like, but I have seen it for a mercury cougar... they said that you have to take off the clips, heat up the sealant holding the parts together, use a screwdriver or knife to cut it, don't touch it, because when you put it back together, it will reseal. I was also told to do it in a dry cold room, because there is less moisture, causing less fogging from temp changes. Once you get in, you should be able to take out the reflector. Here is a web page with a how to for the cougar. http://www.your1source.com/system/cougar/mods/lights.htm .

hey blksonoma, dude now you know what you r asking for if you do remove those amber reflectors????.......You'll be asking for a TICKET here in (youcanmodifyyourtruckonlystock) san jose, calif......:rolleyes: i agree with you that the front end would look alot better..... but my luck, I would get citied that same day..........****, get this..... I got citied for APC "50 State Legal" tail lens on my Sonoma..............my .02 >>>>>> you'll be sorry!....HAHAHA.


i'll go so slow that they wont be able to get behind me to pull me over
slowNoma city awww yeah!
hahaha i rox

clears w/ red bulb might be kinda fun looking ;)~

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