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I am in a big fix. My '96 blazer is overheating. I flushed the fluid out and replaced with water, checked the waterpump (its ok) and replaced the thermostat. Still don't know what's wrong. I take it to the shop around the corner thinking it might be a bad temp. gauge and he fires back it may be a blown gasket, cracked head, or worse, cracked block. He noticed (and i did yesterday) that the overflow tank was filling up with foamy water. He then used a die that turns color when exposed to hydrocarbons. Since it turned color it means exhaust is mixing with coolant. I am no mechanic but i think I can turn a wrench. Never heard about this die but it makes more sense to me that it is a head and not the block. Anybody? By the way it only has 113k miles on the truck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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