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Help on hydros?

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This is to any un-bias peeps , I have a 2000 s10 single cab , I have done bags before on several different trucks and I was wondering if hydros are worth the effort to build, I would love to hop a bit off the ground and 3 wheel but I have been reading a lot that hydros are a headache. Also if I do hydros do I need to
c notch the frame and do you have to extend the arms? Thanks for y'all insite :rock:
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I Had A Hydro shop For Over 10yrs Back When Lowriding An Mini Truckn First Got Real Popular On The East Cost / Mid West.
Air Ride Has Come Along way Since Then .
Hydros Are What They Are.. You Get A Ruffer Ride, More Maintence Forsure. An All depends On What You Want Your Truck To Do. A- Arm Extensions Id Say Yes Too. No Matter What. Its Hard To 3 Wheel A S10 Or Any Vehicle With Leaf Spring Rear Suspension. So Id Say 4 Link It Forsure If You Wanna 3 Wheel. I Totally Recommend Frame Reinforcement If You Hop Or 3 Wheel A Vehicle. Twisting An Hopping Causes Much Stress On Frames An Other Parts. The Frame Is The Back Bone To Any Vehicle. An No Stock Vehicle Was Built To Take The Abuse. If You Get A Leak With Hydros Its Oil. If You Get A Leak With Bags Its Air. Ive Built 100's Of Trucks An Cars . Hope I Helped Some .John AKA Lowroder
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