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Help on hydros?

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This is to any un-bias peeps , I have a 2000 s10 single cab , I have done bags before on several different trucks and I was wondering if hydros are worth the effort to build, I would love to hop a bit off the ground and 3 wheel but I have been reading a lot that hydros are a headache. Also if I do hydros do I need to
c notch the frame and do you have to extend the arms? Thanks for y'all insite :rock:
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i never did a s10 with hydros but worked on a few cars hydros arent that bad just keep your batteries charged and depends on how powerful you want your set up 2 pumps with 36 to 48 volts is basic. im not sure with a c notch pretty sure u do if u wanna drive low and extending the a arms are needed if u wanna drive locked up and not have crazy wear on your tires
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