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i own a short bus
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ok i am putting a 98 vortec 350 into my 2000 dime. i used the 98 tahoe engine harness and computer and made all the conectoins to adapt it to the 2.2 harness but i am stumped on a few.
I cant find out what to do with the shift indacator wires
The fuel gauge shows empty, i tied the fuel sending unit into the v8 computer but i cant figger out where to connect it to the cluster.
I cant figger out where to run the temp gauge wire also
the s10 computer had a class 2 wire but the tahoe did not and i think this might have something to do with this but i dont know where to run that wire to.
i have a full wiring pin out and am still lost on a few wires any help would be great

Thanks Nick
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