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my current system:
infinity 2 chan amp about 300 watts (it was on sale at circuit city)
1 jl 10w0
sealed box about 2 cubes.

it hits alright but i need more. my first system was in a crx with a RE HC 15 quad 1 ohm with ~1000watts in 3.5 cubes tuned to 32 hz. so this little shit here just isnt cuttin it anymore.

2 - JL 10w3v2-d4
1 - Hifonics Brutus BX1000D

ok now the problem is the box. im gonna fiberglass so i can get the most volume possible. i think from all my calculations (guesses) im lookin at about 2.4 - 2.6 cubes after displacements. i dont have any measurements yet, i just put in some numbers that where pretty close to my box and tried to figure in the extra space from fiberglassing.

im really wanting to go ported but ive never had to build a ported enclosure in such a cramped space.

i was thinkin about seperating the two subs and slot porting in the middle of the box with each side getting about 20 sq in. of port. im gonna try to tune it around 35hz. how would i go about making a slot port with the front angled? will i just cut the same angle in the end of the port or will it be fine straight? its not a sharp angle. also is 20 sq in of port enough? i dont want any port noise.

i want to get these 2 tens as loud as i can. im only about 5'9 so i can lose a couple clicks but i dont want to ride all granny style either. i also dont want to cut anything. i like to hop my truck so i dont want to take any chances with a blow-through. i was gonna lose the back panel thingy and go about 15-16 inches high on the back wall and then mount the amps above the box.
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