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Anyone know the specs for a Soundstream Reference 160s??????????????????????????????

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here you go

high power:
4ohm 20x2 stereo 8ohm bridged 40x1 mono
2ohm 40x2 stereo 4ohm bridged 80x1 mono
1ohm 80x2 stereo 2ohm bridged 160x1 mono
.5ohm not applicable in stereo or bridged

high current:
4ohm 10x2 stereo 8ohm bridged 20x1 mono
2ohm 20x2 stereo 4ohm bridged 40x1 mono
1ohm 40x2 stereo 2ohm bridged 80x1 mono
.5ohm 80x2 stereo 1ohm bridged 160x1 mono

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