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1999 s10 short bed 2.2 5 speed
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Hi guys and gals I'm Kyle from Missouri south of stl about 45 mins or so. I have had several s10s over the years. My favorite by far was my first truck and street legal wheels my 88 s10 shorted...had 400k on the clock when I got rid of it.... rarest one I owned was a 91 2 door 4x4 4.3 5 speed blazer my cousin owns it now. Now I own a 99 s10 2.2 5 speed friend I got it from did almost a complete overhaul on the engine.. oilpump all new gaskets waterpump timing set fully rebuilt head so I'm hoping it will Last quite a while. I have been reading on the bolt on upgrades for the 2.2 and I plan on doing them. Got to find somethingto stay busy when I'm not working... I'm 33 I'm a recovering addict ...pain pills and meth....no I'm not ashamed of it it's not who I it's who I was. I have delt withbeinga addict for 20 years.... in October of this year I decided enough was enough I was tired of being tired I signed myself in to rehab and only spent 21 days in inpatient... some people say that's not long enough but ... when your done your done...any questions feel free to ask.

Oh ...here's pics of my dime... got to drop the new 2.2.2 down in it
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1995 S10 2.2 liter 5 Speed 2wd RCSB
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Welcome... From Georgia
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